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Kaizer's Deck Discussion #1

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PostSubject: Kaizer's Deck Discussion #1 Sat Apr 13, 2013 1:52 pm

Time to soar high... A guide to Blackwings!

Blackwing Decks focused on swarming. Because of that, they have an aggressive playing style. Also, because of their Swarming capabilities, they are good for using Synchro Summon (Note that their trump cards are Synchro Monsters). Their support cards rely on their swarm abilities such as "Delta Crow - Anti Reverse" which can be activated from the hand when you control exactly 3 "Blackwing" monsters. Some of them take an advantage from "Blackwing"s swarming abilities and support it such as "Black Whirlwind". With the overwhelming amount of near forced synergy and powerful support cards, "Blackwing"s are one of the easiest archetypes to play.

The primary draw power used in "Blackwing"s is represented by "Allure of Darkness", "Pot of Duality", and "Cards for Black Feathers". Because of this myriad of choices and ability to run many of them simultaneously, it is not surprising that "Blackwing"s are known for impressive consistency.

Also, because most of the "Blackwing" monsters are DARK, Winged Beast monsters, along with "Allure of Darkness" for drawing power, you can use "Icarus Attack" for card destruction. Alongside that, many "Blackwing" Decks also run "Dark Armed Dragon" for its ability to be Special Summoned by having DARK monsters in the Graveyard.

"Blackwing"s are one of the few top tier Decks that don't require their combo pieces to go off to win. Their toolbox allows them to shift their playstyle from being aggressive to passive. The Deck has numerous mind games forcing players to make less than sub-optimal plays to play against it. By setting a card in the Spell & Trap Card Zone with a "Blackwing" monster, the mind game and the illusion of the "Icarus Attack" being present is given off. Players will have to slow down their playing style, forcing any aggressive Decks to be crippled and unable to commence their plays recklessly.


In making a Blackwing Deck, remember these cards for you to ALWAYS put in them: Also, this is based on statistics I made.


With the card called Blackwing - Gram The Shining, please note that you are now given a high option of using Mystral as one of your low level monsters other than Vayu <--(Once Shura negates its eff) for easy sync without limiting yourself to using only level 1 tuner. Note that Vayu (When its eff isn’t negated) special summons a synchro monster and NOT sync it in grave. And Gram has to be synced first before you can ss it.

Also note that these cards are the following cards that are optional to put:


Now, let me explain to you on how the deck is constructed.

In a Blackwing deck, every single card must be connected to one another in hopes of making it easy to synchro summon; however, there are also decks that run Blackwing with engines like Light to make it vayusworn (If it focuses on Vayu) and Gustos.

Now that you're done at looking for other BW options, you have to choose wisely which card will help you most in duels. Let's now get on to other optional Winged Beast Monsters:


Alector and Nephthys can be used further for spamming the field once the conditions are met. Battlestorm could also be a good attacker since its attack is boost by the number of winged beast you control. Stealth bird can also be used to destroy your opponents and since it has a neat defense, it can help in stalling which by the way is a 50-50 good or bad side of the card since it is a bit of a slow card.

Let's now go to non winged beast monsters that you can add to your deck:


The above mentioned cards can help you boost your ability to sync and spam the field. For one, Plague Spread intends to make your sync faster and helps you to do it even if it’s for more than just 1 sync cause of its effect. Since Blackwing decks tend to sync a lot, it’s very advisable to use DAD because once it hits 3 in the grave, then it’s able to summon.

Let's now go to the spells, mostly have these in your deck, but I repeat, are STILL optional:


Have at least 1 Raptor Wing Strike available in your deck, since it can help you play if ever you're stuck with a low attack monster. Dark Eruption is also useful in terms of bringing back your mons to hand; however can cause dead draws. Remember, always have staples in this deck because it can change your gameplay.

But, this would be my suggestion for your spells:


For your traps, the best cards to play right now are these:


Remember, in a Blackwing Deck, focus on getting out as many sync as possible rather than XYZ because that's what they're built for. Also remember that when choosing cards for BW, make sure they make your deck consistent and always make sure that you abuse Vayu. I'd also not recommend for you to use Mystral. Kalut and Gale are always needed. Shura and Blizzard too. Try getting out Brionac, and Scrap Dragon as well. Make sure you have DAD in either the deck or Side because that will help a lot. If you're still unsure on how to play it, contact me and I'll duel you with mine. Lastly, narrow your traps too. As much as possible, play them because it'll save you a lot.

On a side-note: Do the cards I input above before you do varieties.

Click To View Image:

The main point of that deck is to go all out on your opponent and by swarming the field very fast. Its main engine could also be changed into a Vayusworn or Twilight deck but for my part, I like getting out or emptying out my extra deck as much as I could which is actually possible, lol. (Shoulda print screened that duel :terrorist: ) I also switched Stardust to side instead of the others mainly because I find it to have a very weak attack power, plus, Scrap Dragon for me is more worth it. I also decided to main only 1 Zephyros since I can only use its eff once per duel. I know, it's a low reason, but I'd prefer other cards instead so I decided to main 2 Zephyr. I also decided to main 2 Swallow's next, so for example, I want to ss faster from grave, I can just use the mons tributed for it. Lavalval Chain and Foolish Burial can help me have better draws instead of maining cards like Next To Be Lost, and I could actually main 1 Sangan but that card and I actually don't work well, so meh. Also, I decided remove Torrent and Mirror because I already have Icarus attack for that and decided to just main Veiler and the others so as to have me more flexible during match duels. As for the rest of the cards, you can figure it out yourself once you duel. I'll try to post my other Blackwings (The one with varieties) once I done fixing them for this format ._. and if I get the will to do so :dog:.
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Kaizer's Deck Discussion #1

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